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Voluntary Action Center (VAC) operates the Meals on Wheels program, delivering nutritious food and fostering social connections for the homebound and elderly. Additionally, VAC hosts a community congregate luncheon site for those who can gather for lunch and social activities. The primary objective of our nutritional program is
to support elderly individuals in living independently at home, monitoring their nutritional intake, and providing wholesome meals for their overall well-being.

All meals are crafted to meet one-third of the federal nutritional Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) standards. VAC’s nutrition programs are available to senior citizens aged 60 or older, along with their spouses. Individuals with disabilities may also qualify.

While there is a suggested meal donation, no one is denied a meal based on their income level or ability to support the programs financially.

The success of our nutrition programs is greatly attributed to the dedicated volunteers within the community. These volunteers are crucial in ensuring senior citizens receive a hot lunch daily.

Beyond serving the elderly, our nutrition services extend to the broader community by providing meals for local daycare and county programs. The quality of these meals adheres to the high standards set by the Voluntary Action Center for all its programs.

Meals on Wheels Brochures

  • DeKalb Meals on Wheels- Download PDF in English
  • LaSalle Meals on Wheels- Download PDF in English