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Your generosity makes all the difference!

Volunteer For the Voluntary Action Center in DeKalb County

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Voluntary Action Center. The community members of DeKalb County are dedicated and committed to the success of our community. Their dedication and donation of time and services result in the success of our programs. Become a Volunteer for the Voluntary Action Center to make a difference in DeKalb County.

Volunteer opportunities range from delivery of a hot noon meal to our homebound senior citizens, working within our congregate program, and participating in fundraising activities.

Our volunteers unite to help those in need lead healthy lives by remaining in their homes and actively participating in the community. Volunteering is a rewarding experience for the young and old. Voluntary Action Center salutes them all and commends them on their gracious efforts and time dedication.

VAC appreciates all volunteers. Every gift, large or small, means another ride for someone disabled or a warm and nutritious meal for the elderly.

To volunteer, call Amber Godinsky at 815-758-3932 ext. 232