DeKalb/Sycamore Transit Schedules

The City of DeKalb, Voluntary Action Center (VAC), and Northern Illinois University (NIU) have been working together to restructure several TransVAC and Huskie Line bus routes in order to provide a better coordinated and on-time bus route system for the DeKalb metropolitan area, per the 2017 Transit Develop Plan published by the DeKalb Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS).  In addition, a coordinated public transit fare system has been developed. These changes will be going into effect Monday, August 20, 2018.

DeKalb Public Transit-Routes 16, 17, & 18 Ride Guide (effective 08-20-2018)

Sycamore Public Transit-Route 21 (Former Blue Line) Updates coming soon



Fares must be paid in exact change at the time of each individual pickup. Drivers do not handle cash and cannot make change.

Category Fare Notes
Adult Cash $0.50
Senior/Disabled $0.25 With Medicare/Medicaid card or other ID
NIU Students/Faculty/Staff Free With valid NIU One Card
K-12 Student $0.25 Ages 9 and under must be accompanied by an adult
Children (Aged 5 years and younger) Free Must be accompanied by an adult
Transfers Free See Transfer Policy Below


Transfers and Making Connections

A transfer is needed when one bus will not take you to your final destination and you need two buses to get to where you’re going. Transfers are free within the coordinated system.

Upon paying your fare, request a transfer ticket from your driver. Your transfer ticket allows you one transfer between Routes 16, 17, 18, and 21 by the end of service on that day.

If you pay your fare with coins (exact change, no pennies please), you may transfer free between buses with intersecting routes. Ask the bus driver for a transfer when you pay your fare. The transfer is a single-use laminated card that is a different color for every route of origin. When you catch your connecting bus, insert the transfer ticket into the bus farebox. Transfers are good until the end of service on that day.

Transfers are accepted ONLY at the following locations:
Walmart-Routes 17, 18, 21
KinderCare-Route 18 (northbound rider transferring to go southbound)
7th Street & Hillcrest Street-Routes 17 and 18
6th Street & Locust Street-Routes 16 and 17

Same route transfers are not accepted except as noted at KinderCare.
*Please Note: This program could be subject to changes.