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VAC Updates Transit Registration Form

The Voluntary Action Center (VAC) announces that it has updated its Dial-A-Ride Transit Registration Form for its transit programs TransVAC and MedVAC. The new form goes into effect December 17th, and VAC will no longer be accepting registrations using the old form. All riders who have already registered using the old form do not need to fill out a new one if done so prior to December 17th. Only new riders registering December 17th or after must use the new form. To access VAC’s Dial-A-Ride Transit Registration Form, please visit

VAC’s dial-a-ride services are available to the general public but are especially important for seniors and individuals with disabilities. All passengers must be registered with VAC before they can ride. VAC can provide Registration Forms by email, airmail, fax, or they can be printed online from the VAC website. Registration can also be handled by partner agencies or businesses (such as dialysis centers or assisted living facilities), on behalf of the rider.

For more information regarding registration, fares, scheduling, or other VAC programs, please visit