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Your generosity makes all the difference!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Voluntary Action Center. The community members of DeKalb County are dedicated and committed to the success of our community. Their dedication and donation of time and services result in the success of our programs.

Volunteer opportunities range from delivery of a hot noon meal to our homebound senior citizens, driving the disabled to doctor appointments,  and participating in fundraising activities.

Our volunteers unite in order to help those who are in need lead healthy lives by remaining in their homes and actively involved within the community. Volunteering is a rewarding experience for the young and old. Voluntary Action Center salutes them all and commends them on their gracious efforts and time dedication.

VAC appreciates all volunteers. Every gift, large or small means another ride for someone who is disabled or a warm and nutritious meal for the elderly.


Meals On Wheels Delivery (DeKalb, Sandwich, and LaSalle Locations)

Meals on Wheels volunteer drivers can choose their availability to help deliver packed hot and cold meals to seniors and persons with disabilities in their local area. Volunteers pick up packed soft-sided insulated bags of packaged meals and drive to the homes of those in need. Routes are tailored uniquely to ensure that even busy professionals or stay-at-home parents can easily give their time to ensure delivery of a freshly prepared hot meal to their door. A typical route takes about an hour or less to complete. Meals on Wheels drivers must have a valid driver’s license and use their own vehicle.

Senior Luncheon Volunteer (DeKalb and LaSalle Locations)

Volunteers can help set placemats, table settings, serving and bussing tables, and interacting with our guests at senior luncheon centers. Assistants also help cooks with plating hot meals for seniors at luncheon centers. VAC is in need of volunteer Senior Luncheon Volunteers from 11:00 am – 12:30, Monday through Friday.  It is a fast and fun service opportunity!

Meals on Wheels Assembly (DeKalb, Sandwich, and LaSalle Locations)

VAC kitchen employees need volunteers to assist in counting, preparing, and packaging cold pack meals at our sites before meals are delivered to seniors. Pack out volunteers serve just an hour or so each day, but their efforts magnify greatly in supporting VAC staff. This busy volunteer opportunity is available from 9:00 to 10:30 am Monday through Friday. It is fun, and it makes a real difference in the lives of seniors in need.


MedVAC Driver (DeKalb, Sandwich, and Kendall Locations)

MedVAC drivers use VAC vehicles to give rides to doctor appointments out of the local area. They assist passengers getting in and out of vehicles and learn how to safely onboard and off-board wheelchairs. Volunteers may stay with their passengers at the doctor’s waiting room or take a lunch break and then return to bring their passengers back home. Volunteers choose their availability. This volunteer opportunity is on an appointment basis when volunteers are available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. Volunteers must be 21 years of age or older and possess a valid Driver’s license with a good driving record, VAC staff will train volunteers in safety procedures.

Administrative/ Special Events

Office Assistant/Phone Reception (DeKalb and LaSalle Locations)

Volunteers need to have professional office skills. Office staff will train volunteers who will act as extra help. Duties may involve phone reception, labeling, collating papers, stuffing envelopes or mailers, completing phone surveys on service satisfaction, and simple office duties as needed.

Entertainers (DeKalb and LaSalle Locations)

Volunteer entertainers are always welcome at our congregate meal sites, including singers, piano players, musicians, choral groups, etc. Opportunities are available Monday through Friday during all seasons. Entertainers must schedule in advance through our congregate site managers.

Event Volunteer (DeKalb and LaSalle Locations)

Volunteers assist in decorating, table setting, serving, bussing tables, clean up, and meeting, and greeting guests.

Volunteer Artists (DeKalb and LaSalle Locations)

Volunteers who can create party favors, decorated placemats, and handmade greeting cards are always welcome.  Volunteers can serve at our offices, or make their creations at home.