About Sandwich Transportation

VAC’s mission is to serve the transportation needs of our community both efficiently and courteously with transportation services ranging from rides to medical appointments, on-demand door to door services, and rides for the elderly and disabled. VAC’s transportation services affect almost every family in our community. Let us help yours.

Types of Service

  • TransVAC-Local in county trips
  • MedVAC-Out of county medical trips

All riders must be registered for VAC dial-a-ride services.

For registration questions or booking a ride, please call 815.787.6219.

How Do I use Dial-A-Ride Services?

A complete list of how-to-use transportation services can be found below.

Paratransit Fares
Adult $1.00
Seniors$1.00 or Donation
K-12 Student $1.00
(Aged 5 years and younger)

*Senior is age 60+ and will be asked to consider a suggested donation instead of a fare.

All RidersVaries*

*Please consult VAC Dispatch.

Please note:

  • Cash fare must be the exact amount. Drivers do not handle cash and will not make change or issue vouchers.