Register with SSL

  1. You must be registered with the Voluntary Action Center to use demand response services.
  2. Dial-A-Ride services are available for DeKalb County residents.
  3. Call to schedule a ride with Sandwich Dial-A-Ride up to six days before you need it. Schedules fill up quickly; call as far ahead as you can.
  4. We take reservations between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays).
  5. To make a reservation with Sandwich Dial-A-Ride, call 815.787.6219. Be prepared to give the following information: (All reservations and schedule changes should be made through the Dispatch Center and NOT with the drivers)
  • Your name
  • Pick-up address
  • Destination address
  • Date of trip
  • Appointment time or time you wish to go
  • Names of anyone going with you. Please state if you use a wheelchair or need other assistance.
  1. For return rides from medical appointments on Sandwich Dial-A-Ride, you will be placed on the Will Call list. Please call dispatch when your appointment is done. We will pick you up as quickly as our schedule allows.
  2. Your bus/van will arrive anytime within the window of 10 minutes before or 10 minutes after the pickup time you arranged with the Dispatcher. The bus/van will wait for 3 minutes after arriving at your pick up location. If your destination is a doctor’s office or other places where being on time is critical, arrange your Sandwich Dial-A-Ride request so you arrive early.
  1. Please call as early as possible if you wish to cancel a trip. Time slots for rides are valuable to others in need.
  2. Please limit carry-on items such as sacks of groceries to two. This will give our driver time to maintain the schedule and ensure ample room in case of emergency.
  3. The one-way fare for the Sandwich Dial-A-Ride service is $1.50. Seniors (60 years of age and older), persons with disabilities and Medicare cardholders ride fare free.
  4. Some children riding the Sandwich Dial-A-Ride system must be transported in an infant or toddler seats, (those 3 years of age or younger and children between the age of 4-8 weighing less than 40 lbs). Please check with the Dispatcher regarding the infant and toddler seat requirements. Passengers are responsible for providing these car seats.
  5. Sandwich Dial-A-Ride operators are trained to take a wheelchair up or down one step by themselves. Clients are responsible for providing ramps to manage multiple stairs and personal assistants when needed.
  6. Voluntary Action Center’s transportation services are compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. Please contact VAC for further information about these regulations.

Download our Sandwich Registration Form Here


To Make Reservations for Sandwich Dial-A-Ride, please call:
Call 815.787.6219  or Fax 815-786-2696