About MedVAC

Voluntary Action Center’s MedVAC service is vital to our communities’ senior citizens, those with disabilities and persons in need, for transportation to and from out of town medical appointments. This service depends greatly on the generous giving of time along with the opportunity to support the service in other ways such as:

  • Donation of infant car seat or child booster seat
  • Donation of a vehicle to the program
  • Donation of gas cards
  • Donation of prepaid phones or phone cards
  • Monetary donation for IPASS
  • Volunteer Drivers
  • Volunteer Personal Assistant for a trip
  • Sponsor a driver for one day
  • Monetary donation to the program for overall costs

MedVAC is dedicated to those who need our services and grateful to the community for its support.

Funding for the MedVac program is received from state and federal grants, local governments, user donations, United Ways, charitable foundations and from the Voluntary Action Center membership drive.  Voluntary Action center is compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act, (etc, etc, etc), and is an equal opportunity employer.

Rides are available from 5:0 am Р4:00 pm Monday thru Friday (excluding Holidays)  *Trip times vary depending on availability.

You can call to book rides from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm Monday thru Friday (excluding Holidays)

To Register for MedVac or book a ride, please call 815.758.0818 or email us.